The last 15 years have seen a shift in the emphasis of fundamental quantum physics theory and experiments, from simply generating and measuring quantum systems towards their purposeful control and manipulation. The main driver for this has been the rapidly-developing field of quantum information. One example is quantum key distribution, which during this period has changed from a proof of principle laboratory-based science into a set of security products for the information exchange market. A greater challenge, the use of quantum systems for information processing, is at an earlier stage. Quantum information processing, due to the multi-parallel nature of information in entangled quantum systems, can be much more efficient than classical computation for certain problems. A key component of all the above is the generation and protection of coherence in the quantum system, and this makes up the other theme of the School.

With the above in mind SUSSP67 has two main objectives:
(1) To broaden and deepen the background knowledge of young researcher in the general areas of quantum information and coherence through the simple medium of a series of advanced lectures given by acknowledged experts in the field.
(2) To provide a perspective of the latest research and future trends in this area.

The summer school will provide an intensive programme, with formal lectures and discussion sessions. There will be a programme of social and cultural events in order to help create a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere for interaction and learning. Most lecturers will give four one-hour lectures which will enable them to start from a tutorial introduction and hopefully proceed to state-of-the-art developments in their area. The daily programme typically runs from 08.30-20.30, with the evening sessions being a combination of social and non-lecture activities. Two rest days are included in the programme.

The School is being organised under the umbrella of Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics (SUSSP), a registered Scottish charity (SC014864). SUSSP was established in 1960 by the four ancient Scottish Universities to contribute to the dissemination of advanced knowledge (in Physics) and the formation of contacts among scientists from different countries through the setting up of a series of annual summer schools of the highest international standard.