The poster sessions will be in the rooms K3.26/27 which are opposite the main lecture hall. Please set up your poster either during the break on Monday afternoon or before going to dinner on Monday or Tuesday. We will supply pins.

Delegate Name


Adetunmise Dada Experimental high-dimensional two-photon entanglement and violations of generalized Bell inequalities
Aizar Enciso Dominguez Continuous Matrix Product States and cavity QED
Aline Dinkelaker Inductively Coupled Magnetic Ring Traps for Atom Interferometry
Antonio Alejandro Valido Asymptotic Discord and Entanglement of non-resonant harmonic oscillators in an Equilibrium Environment
Arkadiusz Kuros Optimized resonance calculations
Arne Wickenbrock Experimental Aparatus for cavity cooling of caesium atoms in a bad cavity
BiHeng Liu Experimental demonstration of nonlocal entanglement collapse and revival
Bobby Antonio Quantum Computation Using Spin Chains
Bryn Bell Cluster state generation using fibre sources
Carola Szewc Molecule Interferometry
Carolin Hahn Remote Entanglement of a Single Atom with a BEC
Chaitanya Joshi Quantum Nanocantilevers
Constantina Polycarpou High-fidelity noiseless amplification by single photon addition and subtraction
Craig Benko The  87Sr optical lattice clock – entering the next decades of accuracy and stability.
Daniel Maldonado-Mundo How general are time-local master equations?
David Bellem Manipulation of Quantum Many-Body Systems with Spatial Light Modulators
David Paredes Single photon control using Rydberg Superatoms
Didier Nohlmans A Permanent Magnet Trap for Buffer Gas Cooled Molecules
Dustin Stuart Optical Tweezers for Single Atoms
Emilio Alba Mapping the spatial distribution of entanglement in optical lattices
Federica Beduini Bright many photon entangled states generated from polarization squeezing
Fern Watson Thresholds and overheads for topological codes
Frauke Izdebski Full-Field Quantum Correlations
Gatis Mikelsons Using STIRAP to Probe Experimental Noise
Giulia Gualdi Characterizing and Quantifying frustration in quantum many body systems
Graham Stutter Phase transitions in ring structures of trapped ions
Hannah Guilbert Theory and Experiment on the Generation of Elliptical Cones in Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion
Hendrik-Marten Meyer Towards an ion-cavity system
Iain Barr Measuring Energy Differences by BEC interferometer on a chip
Jaakko Lehto An Approach to the Dynamics of Time-dependent Two-level Quantum Systems;
James Garvie-Cook An Integrated Photonic Atom Chip;James Garvie-Cook;
Jiangwei Shang (Jurgen) Sequential Measurements
Jin Liu Few quantum dots lasing in photonic crystal nanocavities
Joanna Zajac Localized polaritons states in planar microcavities
Jose Brito a  narrowband entangled photon source for single  atom-photon interactions
Joseph Thom Deterministic Entanglement of 88Sr+ Ions in a Microtrap
Kate Clements When anhomomorphic logic met the Bell—Kochen—Specker theorem
Katie Barr Machines with memory that is never read
Kaushik Seshadreesan Parity detection achieves the Heisenberg limit in interferometry with coherent mixed with squeezed vacuum light
Ketaki Patel Gigacounts per Second Single Photon Detection
Lauri Lehman Anyonic Quantum Walks
Linda sansoni Integrated photonic quantum gates for polarization qubits;
Marcin Jarzyna Quantum interferometry with and without reference beam
Marco del Rey Fermi Problem with Quantum Circuits
Matthew Applegate Photon number detection with Silicon avalanche photodiodes
Matthew Edmonds Disordered Quasi-relativistic Quantum gases
Matthew Turnbull Multi-Spatial-Mode Squeezing as a result of 4-Wave-Mixing in Rubidium
Mehdi Ahmadi Dynamics of a quantum reference frame undergoing selective measurements and coherent interactions
Michael Conterio Progress towards a tunnelling resonant injection In(Ga)As quantum dot source of entangled photons
Michael Goerz Optimal Controlled Phasegates for Ultracold Atoms in an Optical Lattice at the Quantum Speed Limit
Michael Keller Magnetic Trapping of Metastable Helium-4
Muhammad Tanveer Baig Micro-structured ion traps for microwave-based quantum information
Natalia Bruno Qubit Amplification for Device-Independent QKD
Nicolas Didier Detecting phonon blockade with photons
Oscar Viyuela New anyons in a Toric Code for Qutrits
Pasi Laehteenmaeki Dynamical Casimir effect in a Josephson metamaterial
Qin Wang Extracting the radiative decay rate of single self-assembled quantum dots in photonic crystals
Robert Heath Nano-optical studies of parallel Nanowire superconducting single-photon detectors
Ruben Freytag Creating ultracold Lithium-Ytterbium molecules using Feshbach resonances
Seung-Sup Lee Quantifying mixed-state quantum entanglement by optimal entanglement witness
Stephan Krapick Fabrication and characterization of tailored waveguide PDC sources in RPE:PLN for quantum communication
Sylvia Bratzik Quantum key distribution with finite resources: Min-entropy vs. von Neumann entropy
Tanapat Deesuwan Thermodynamics of quantum systems away from equilibrium
Thomas Laycock Creation of Non-Classical States of Light from a Rydberg Gas on a Two Dimensional Lattice
Tomas Rybar Process tomography on control interaction memory channels;
Vignesh Venkataraman Approximations in Open Quantum Systems
Yameng Cao Semiconductor Quantum Light Sources for Photonic Quantum Computing
Yuting Ping Generating distributed entanglement from electron currents